Stablewood and GCM Grosvenor Form JV to Fund STNL Retail Developments

In a dynamic commercial real estate landscape increasingly defined by innovative financing solutions and technological advancements, Stablewood, a leader in tech- and data-enabled real estate investing, has announced a groundbreaking joint venture with GCM Grosvenor, a global titan in alternative asset management. This collaboration is a strategic leap in providing construction financing for developers in the single-tenant-net-lease (STNL) retail sector across the United States.

About the Joint Venture

The Stablewood-GCM Grosvenor venture is designed to fund the development of shovel-ready STNL retail projects. With long-term leases from creditworthy tenants, these projects represent a unique and timely opportunity in the current economic climate.

The venture distinguishes itself by offering up to 100% of the necessary capital for these projects, alongside an optional forward purchase for developers. This approach doesn’t just kick-start development projects; it also significantly reduces the risks associated with the sale of completed developments.

Developer Focus: A Win-Win Proposition

Central to this venture is its alignment with developers’ needs. In an era where capital accessibility is a critical hurdle, this collaboration provides a much-needed lifeline. By offering comprehensive financial support and risk mitigation, Stablewood and GCM Grosvenor empower developers to execute their visions effectively and efficiently.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Investment

Stablewood’s unique blend of AI and proprietary technology plays a pivotal role in this venture. This tech-driven approach streamlines investment decisions and enhances the efficiency of project execution, setting a new standard in the real estate investment realm.

Industry Context and Timeliness

As Brandon Taubman, Chief Strategy Officer at Stablewood, highlights, the timing for this venture is ideal. With the continuing high demand for new stores among national retail tenants and a historical low in capital availability for developers, this venture is a game-changer. Mike Dailey, Head of Developer Capital at Stablewood, further underscores the robustness of their deal pipeline, emphasizing the growth potential in their portfolio of quality development projects across the country.

A Case in Point: 7-Eleven Project in Austin

A testament to the venture’s immediate impact is the recent deal to fund a 7-Eleven in urban Austin, Texas. Developed by a seasoned developer of 7-Eleven stores, this project exemplifies the type of strategic investments the venture aims to support. It’s not just about funding; it’s about creating value in key locations.

About GCM Grosvenor

GCM Grosvenor, boasting $76 billion in assets under management, is a force in global alternative asset management. With over half a century in the industry, its diversified investment strategies and a strong global presence make it a powerhouse in the financial world.

Peter Braffman, Managing Director at GCM Grosvenor, expresses enthusiasm about partnering with Stablewood. He emphasizes the unique technology and extensive experience in STNL retail investment that Stablewood brings to the table, creating substantial opportunities for investors.

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